Rural Economy In India

Rural Economy In India: India is primarily a rural country. According to the 2011 census, 68.8% of the country’s population and about 72% of the workforce live in rural areas.

Although agriculture contributes only 16 per cent to the GDP, if we look at the contribution of rural India, it is around 48 per cent. Different work areas like farming, animal wealth, mining, production, trade, construction work, warehousing, Bhoomi Bhawan is associated with sales business etc.

At the present time, when the whole world is fighting with coronavirus, the economy is standing in front of a very big challenge. The running economy in the world is suffering a huge loss. All countries will try to improve their economy soon. This is also the problem. Employment is at a standstill. The economy is jammed. Even though Coronavirus already has Indian economy Tha position has little not good and corona weaked havoc.

Rural Economy In India: Bringing the economy back on track is a big challenge before the government. In such a situation the question arises where to pay attention to the debt of fugitives and thugs, or to recover from them and put that amount in the rural area. The As per the budget for the year 2020-21, the central government cut Rs 38968 crore towards central welfare schemes, Rs 68650 crore in food schemes and Rs 8687 crore on food subsidy to farmers. Now, due to this corona, Vegetables, Gardening and milk producers are also facing a lot of trouble. The people of have even gone so far as to tear the flower by themselves. Wedding viva Religious destination with all off having these people on impact.

The government should in such a situation give more importance to the rural economy. Relief to the farmers, laborers and small workers, business people. To benefit more people of the country. The time has come to make the country’s economy agriculture-oriented is.

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