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The biggest problem in student life is related to memorization and we have tried to solve the problem and with the help of memorization tricks all kinds of easy and common and based on experience and research have tried to solve the problem.

There are a lot of questions related to studies in a student’s life which keep arising in the mind of the students from time to time. It is also important to find answers to these questions somewhere because everyone should know the right way to study.

The most important thing in a student’s life is how to read books well and quickly. And when the study is done, it is most important or how we remember it. As many people often ask the question how to memorize long answer? Improve memory tricks? memorization tips and tricks? memorization tricks and memorization technique? So let us try to shed light on the answers to all these questions.

The biggest question here is that when we study anything, how do we forget it is directly related to remembering things. You will be able to easily connect all the things to each other when you try to understand this article.

Why We Forget Things

Why do we forget that many people related to this and many experts have shared many tips and tricks according to their own. The most important tips or concept of which is believed to be that of German scientist Hermann Ebbinghaus .

In 1885 the German scientist Hermann Ebbinghaus put forth his theory. His theory was “forgetting curve”. Hermann Ebbinghaus tried to explain his theory that what we read or remember is removed from our mind after a certain time.

This means that if we study a book today, it will remain only 30% in our mind till tomorrow. But if we do not read it again, it will slowly come out of our mind. It is considered very important Memorization Tips and Tricks.
It is believed that whatever subject we have studied today, it is necessary to re-read continuously after a certain time period. So that it can sit in our mind. Public Speaking Tips 2020

In the earliest times, the forgetting curve theory given by Hermann Ebbinghaus was rejected by the people. But in 2015, after analyzing it again by scientists, it was found that this theory is very effective. And improve is useful for memory tricks or.

It is believed that when we read or learn something, our brain goes into a part-time memory room. Which is directly related to Memorization technique.

We know that after a certain time a lot of things come out of our mind. So what type of Improve memory tricks should we use. So let’s know some important tips all tricks with which we can remember things easily and remember it for a long time. How to choose a career path

How To Memorize Long Answer | Memorization Tips And Technique

1. Link to the old base in the mind.

When we study, there are some subjects in which we have to remember some things. Like if you read history, a lot of dates have to be memorized in it. So you can link it to the old memory in your mind.

For example, it can be understood that sometimes we keep the password of our e-mail or any social media, our birthday or anniversary etc. Because birthday or wedding anniversary is already present in our memory.

When we link old memory, we do not need to remember because it already exists in our mind. It is also called memorization techniques.

2. Repeat the words.

When we talk to how to memorize long answer, the most important thing in it is to repeat the words. This means that whenever we read something or try to remember any words. So repeat that word or that answer with your breath thrice.

When that answer or word comes running with your breath, your brain gets a signal and it becomes active. And when the brain gets a signal, it stores all the given tears in the memory. This is considered to be very powerful memorization techniques.

3. Being Excited During Learning.

Whenever we talk about how to memorize long answer, the most important thing in this is that when we study, we are not serious about our studies. In this situation, our brain is also sluggish, which reduces our brain’s ability to receive.

So whenever you study or try to learn something, encourage yourself while learning, in this case your mind also gets excited and becomes active. Because the brain indicates that you are excited to learn and your brain is able to absorb it well. Career Counseling

When you are excited, the hormones present in your brain become active, your brain’s ability to receive is developed. Which are considered very important memorization tricks.

4. Making Notes.

How to memorize long answer The easiest, common and most accurate answer to these types of questions is to make notes. Making notes is very simple and everyone will tell you. As we said above, after a certain time, things start coming out of our mind. So make a note and try to read it.

The most important thing is that when making notes, we should not copy or make complete. We have to pay the most attention to the things which were the most important.

Now let us teach you some important memorization tricks in notes.
In this time of technology, you can also make your important notes in your mobile phone and you can read some before sleeping.

When you read the note made before sleeping, then all the hormones in our body are active at that time. And at this time, reading leaves a deep impact on your brain, which increases its ability to remember. It is considered very important memorization tips and technique.

Because when we sleep, the hormones of our body become active and after sleeping, all those things keep going in our mind, why are stored in our brain.

Example: You must have seen that what we keep thinking, we often see it even in dreams, it is good to read before sleeping. You can call it Improve memory tricks.

5. It Is Necessary To Revise .

Revising the easiest and most common way of memorization tricks that everyone will tell you. This trick is so effective that everyone definitely follows it at some time.

According to research, whatever we study should be revised after 9 hours. After that, vision should be done after 5 days. Similarly, it should be revived once in 10 or 20 days.

Therefore it is said that revision should be done from time to time. If we revise from time to time, then 90% of the things related to that subject are present in our mind.

6. Use Stories.

If we talk about research related to memorization tips and technique, then according to it our brain is interested in stories. That is, our brain is able to remember those things better which is related to the stories.

According to research, if we enjoy choosing stories, then we can use our brain in a fun way. That is, using the time properly, we can relate what we read to a story.

While reading any topic, you can try to remember for a long time with the help of fictional stories related to it.

7. Understanding the concept .

The question of the students comes that how should we study and how should we remember after reading. Is this the question of the students, Sir, that we do not remember what we read. For this, we have to use Memorization techniques.

Understanding the concept is considered to be the most important to remember. You can see why they are believed by adding that we do not remember the rote for a long time, after some time we forget. Therefore, you never hit any concept.

You will always try to understand the concept rather than memorizing the words. Because after memorizing the words, it comes out of our mind after a certain time. This is also evident from research.

8. Use Keywords.

It is also considered the most effective method of memorization tips and technique. If you get keywords, then you can remember anything easily.

It means that when we put many things in one keyword, then it becomes easy to understand. Let me explain you as an example.
Example: Suppose you went to a fruit shop and you have to buy bananas. So at that time you say to the shopkeeper that you want 1 dozen bananas. The word dozen here refers to the keyword.

Second example: In a subject like history, we have to remember the dates and for that many times keywords like ” Century ” are used. Using keywords is considered a very important part of memorization tips and tricks.

If you do not know keywords, there is no easy way to do this, you will have to learn keywords.

9. Split the subject and read.

Memorizing anything for a long time or improving memory tricks is the best way to divide and read. This method is not so much that all teachers agree.

If you are in school, then you must have noticed that teachers always suggest you to use points to write answers. By doing this you can understand the concept according to the point and remember it for a long time.

This simple method does not work in all subjects, if you are a student of technology, then you have to remember some numbers and that too very big numbers. In this also you can remember by dividing.

Example: 4473765451 It is difficult to remember together. If we divide someone then it is very easy to remember them. As 4473 – 7654 – 51
Now we can remember whom easily because it is divided. Memorizing by splitting is considered part of Improve memory tricks.

10. Use Audio Recorder.

It is very important to remember things related to studies in a student’s life. And remembering for a long time is even more important. It is also important to use memorization tricks to remember for a long time. The use of memorization techniques i.e. the use of recorders is very important.

When you are studying or writing, try that you speak or write at that time and at the same time you can record your studies using the recorder. By doing this, you can listen to the subject you recorded at any time.

When you record things related to your topic, it works as Improve memory tricks. That means in a short time you can revise it again. Group Discussion Tips And Tricks 2020 

You should take special care that always use the recorded subject or topic before sleeping. It means to say that when you revise that topic or topic before sleeping, it can sit well in your mind. And as we said above, reading or writing aloud prompts our brain and becomes active which is very important memorization tips and tricks.

11. Challenge yourself .

Students often have the question how to memorize long answer and memorization tips and tricks or how to read books quickly. While the answer to all these questions is with them only. Let me explain this to you as an example.

Example: You must have noticed that 90% of the children are unable to prepare well and their syllabus cannot be completed 3 months before the exam. But in the remaining 3 months, he completes the syllabus and revises it.

This example clearly shows that by challenging people to themselves, work gets solved very quickly. Our life today is such that no one can work without challenge.

So whenever you ever try to memorize or memorize anything using memorization tricks, challenge it and talk to yourself self-respect. By doing this, your mind will get excited and give 100% to do that work.

Whenever you use it, believe it or it increases the receptive capacity of your brain manifold because the question comes to self respect. This Improve memory tricks are very beneficial for special students.

12. Keep Focus And Use Meditation.

Focus is very important in a student’s life, when we are studying, then our focus should be only on studies. That is, we should only do one thing at a time and take care. But in today’s time, students try to do many things at once.

Doing this takes their focus in a very wrong direction, which results in very terrible results. Once you go in a wrong direction, no memorization tips and tricks are useful.

Whenever it is about making focus, the name of meditation comes first. If you call meditation also the eighth wonder of the world, it will not be wrong. By doing this, your focus becomes so much better that you will not have to ask anyone how to memorize long answer because you can remember good things yourself.

By doing meditation, you are able to remember things well and most importantly, you have patience. Therefore, it is very important to do meditation in student life.

13. Explain Your Mind And Give Greed.

When it comes to studies or to remember anything, our mind sometimes gets sluggish. It also happens because there is a lot of provoking things around us. In this situation the early memory does not remain.

A very important part of memorization tips and technique is believed that when you are remembering anything, give your mind greed or explain it like children.

Greed and persuasion should be such that the mind said that if I complete this work, I will give 10 minutes rest. Or if I remember it, I will listen to the songs for 10 minutes. By doing this, your mind can remember friendship quickly.

14. Try Continuously.

It is not the same thing that we remember more of the same thing that we constantly do. That is, we remember that thing more easily.

Revision can also be said if we look at the normal form of continuous effort. You must have realized that the beginning and the end part of the things we study, we remember for a long time. This happens because we repeat it over and over again. It is considered part of repeat memorization tips and technique. Personality Development Tips

15. Use Tricks.

It is very simple that we have to use tricks sometimes to remember. By this we mean to make a word by remembering the first letter of the first letter of the rest of the names.
Let me explain this as an example to you.

Example: Russia, America, France, England and China have five permanent members in the United Nations Defense Council. Therefore, we can remember it by the name of RACBF as well.

If you use these tricks, then you do not need to ask anyone how to memorize long answer. Because you will know the trick to remember them all.

Hope you have liked this article of ours. We have considered an important problem related to the student’s life. With the help of which students will be able to do Army Memorize to remember any subject. And apart from this, if you have any tips tricks, then they can tell us by commenting.

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